Sunday, May 16, 2004

Learning is continuous process. We will never stop it until we die.
With this feeling, we open this chance to public to enjoy the green of learning.

Alifa Enterprise, especially in this Knowledge division, provides learning activities, such as training, to share to public and corporate in area :

1. Financial & Tax Management
2. Finance for Non Finance
3. Presentation Technique: Presentation that Makes Impact
4. Office Management
5. Information & Knowledge Management
6. Communication Management : Digital and Traditional Manner
7. Technology Learning: How to start e-learning and blended learning projects
8. Techno-Ettiquette: Celluler & Email Manner
9. Writing Skills for Business Purposes
10. Computer for business applications

Each of Training has their sub-training and customised for special purpose of clients.

The learning process can be acted whether on site or in public class.

Contact your learning advisor or officer for consult 24/7 via email.

Happy Learning !

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